Veneers – Composiste, Porcelain, Or Ceramic

Veneers – The Perfect Cover

At Macquarie Dentists, many patients enquire about veneers.

Composite Resin veneers may be made in the surgery and are a thin layer of resin that is coated over the tooth surface then set hard with a light and also permanently bonded to the tooth. These types of veneers usually require no removal of tooth structure and can be placed directly on top of the tooth, so are a painless and conservative way to improve the colour and appearance of teeth.

Resin veneers may also be made in a laboratory, then bonded to the tooth. This type may require some tooth removal before they are placed. This is so that when they’re placed, they appear the same size as adjacent teeth, so careful assessment of your individual need is essential.

Porcelain and Ceramic veneers are wafer thin tooth coloured facings that are made in a laboratory and permanently bonded to the front surface of teeth. Some removal of tooth structure is required, just as a resin veneer made in a laboratory requires. Porcelain and ceramic veneers offer the most stable colour change and life like appearance, and last for many years.

All types of veneers improve the appearance and enhance the strength of teeth and help to create a beautiful smile, but ceramic veneers are generally longer lasting than composite resin veneers.

Although veneers are not always suitable for everyone, they are an optimal solution for:

  • Improving the colour and shape of your smile
  • Closing spaces between front teeth
  • Restoring broken or chipped teeth
  • Straightening slightly crooked teeth
  • Covering unsightly, stained or washed-out fillings.

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