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As you know, the situation surrounding COVID-19 continues to change at a rapid pace. Dental practitioners are now required to follow operational level 3 restrictions in Australia. It is recommended that dental practitioners restrict treatment of routine and non-urgent dental care, particularly limiting treatment which generates large quantities of aerosol.

Although the treatments we can provide to you have been restricted for the time being, please know we are still here for you to address any oral health concerns or dental emergencies you may have. We have organised for our dentist to be available for free online virtual consultations during this time so please click below to schedule a virtual consultation where we will be able to safely discuss your dental needs or concerns.

In case of an emergency please either schedule your online virtual consultation or call us on 9887 2122 and one of our team members will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Stay safe and we will see you all soon.



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Dentist Macquarie Park



dentist Macquarie Park: trust in our care

macquarieDentists are an understanding team of professionals who offer general, preventive & cosmetic dentistry in a friendly, gentle environment. To help you relax and trust in our care, we take time to get know you and understand any concerns you may have.

The sound of the drill, time away from work, fear of pain, expensive treatments. Our dentists understand that many things may influence people seeking dental care, so they really take time to understand particular issues and help patients manage their concerns and have the treatment they need.

We pride ourselves in providing:

  • experience and care
  • peace of mind
  • pain free treatment

offering you choices

All treatment options, their pros, cons and costs, are always discussed. Our dentists support any treatment a patient may choose, from affordable to the perhaps more expensive optimal treatments.

We offer modern treatment materials and methods, from simple fillings to implants and full veneers on front teeth, and work with highly experienced specialist dentists when needed.

The treatment choice is always yours:

  • a gentle dental experience
  • pain free dentistry
  • treatment to meet any budget
  • there when you need us
  • modern technology

join our AM Active Maintenance programme

With our AM active maintenance programme, our patients arrange their examination and cleaning appointments 6 months in advance, which helps them to stay regular with their oral care and not let time and a busy life get in the way.

Another advantage is that it allows our dentists to detect any issues early, while they are small. This means that both treatment and fees can also be small, and that hopefully our patients never have any nasty toothaches or surprises that may be both painful and expensive.

your health is our priority

New patients are always welcome and we allow time every day to see any patient who has a problem, such as pain or a broken tooth.

Nervous patients are also warmly welcomed and we offer laughing gas or sedation to help those who are anxious.

Our team loves to see children and make their dental experience a fun time right from their very first visit.

gentle dentist Macquarie Park : for peace of mind about oral health for life

  • control of treatment : the choice is yours
  • simple smile improvements
  • optimal oral health for life

giggle, snooze, smile

A trip to the dentist has never been this good. You’ll be surprised at how much you can actually enjoy the experience of taking care of your teeth.



The clear alternative to braces

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