Tooth Coloured Fillings

Simple And Affordable

At Macquarie Dentists, we often utilise tooth-coloured composite resin fillings to restore your function and return your smile to its natural appearance. Resin materials are more biocompatible than traditional metal fillings and act more like our natural structure, expanding with hot and cold liquids and foods in the same way our teeth do. This means less stress on our teeth and less chance of cracks and breaks occurring.

Composite Resin

A high strength tooth coloured plastic like material that initially resembles a paste. A colour is chosen that blends naturally with your tooth colour, and the material is placed on the tooth in layers. It’s then carefully sculpted to the shape of your tooth and hardened by a special LED light. A composite resin restoration or filling is a direct restoration and is ideal for smaller fillings and correcting small blemishes, chips, cracks and misshapen teeth, and can be completed at Macquarie Dentists within a single appointment.

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