new Patients

First Of All, Welcome To Macquarie Dentists

At Macquarie Dentists nothing makes us happier than seeing our patients leave the clinic with a smile on their face. From when you walk into the clinic and are welcomed by Miranda or Deb, we strive to make your visit a stress-free, pleasant and relaxing experience. Our surgeries are modern, spacious and are equipped with the latest dental materials and equipment. We look forward to welcoming you into our clinic soon.

Macquari Dentists

Your First Appointment

During your first appointment our dentists will start by understanding the purpose and what your goals are for the visit. If your visit is to address a certain problem or issue we will do our best to make progress on addressing the issue during the visit. We will listen carefully to your concerns and following some diagnostic tests, will discuss the findings, describe the situation and treatment options to help you make the best decision on which treatment is best for you. At all times we focus on ensuring that you are comfortable during the procedure and our dentists’ calm and patient-centred approach will put any anxious patients at ease.

Generally your first appointment will involve a comprehensive examination of your teeth followed by a thorough scale, professional prophylaxis and fluoride application. Some things you can expect during this first visit include:

  • A discussion of any dental concerns you may have including any aesthetic concerns
  • A thorough examination of all the soft and hard tissues in your mouth including screening for any early signs of oral cancer
  • Examination of all your teeth, previous fillings, crowns etc
  • Assessment of your gums, discussing any problems with your oral hygiene practices and ensuring there are no underlying gum conditions
  • Digital radiographs may be recommended by the dentist to see potential issues in-between teeth or under fillings
  • Intra-oral photographs or digital scans of your teeth may also be taken to gain more information and to further educate you.

Our clinic is equipped with HICAPS for immediate health fund claim processing and we accept all health funds. We are also part of the CBHS Choice Network and Bulk-Bill all children who are eligible under the Child Dental Benefit Schedule.