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Macquarie Dentists understand that dental pain can be disruptive and downright debilitating. If you’re near Lane Cove and think you require root canal treatment, our experienced and compassionate team is here to help.

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Are You Looking For Root Canal Treatment Near Lane Cove?

The goal of root canal or endodontic therapy is to save a seriously damaged or infected tooth. The infected dental pulp, the tooth’s innermost layer, is removed, and the canals within the root structure are cleaned and disinfected. This alleviates pain, prevents further infection, and preserves the tooth’s functionality.

Here are some signs that might indicate you need a root canal:

  • Throbbing or persistent toothache
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures
  • Discomfort when biting or chewing
  • Swollen or tender gums around the tooth
  • A visible pus-filled bump on the gums (abscess)

If you experience any of these symptoms, it’s vital to see a root canal dentist right away. Early treatment may be able to save your tooth and stop the infection from spreading.

Look no further! Our experienced and caring team at Macquarie Dentists is dedicated to providing root canal treatment near Lane Cove. We know how important dental health is, which is why we provide individualised root canal therapy that will both reduce pain and preserve the health of your teeth.

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The Dental Root Canal Procedure

Depending on the complexity of the situation, a root canal procedure may take 30 to 90 minutes to complete. Typically, the process takes one or two sessions to finish.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect:


Before starting the root canal process, one of our dentists will thoroughly examine your tooth to determine its condition. This involves determining the degree of damage caused and choosing the best line of action to effectively resolve the issue.

Preparing For The Procedure

Once the planning phase is complete, we will guide you through the necessary preparations for the root canal treatment. Our team will make sure that you are well-informed and comfortable before proceeding with the procedure, addressing any concerns or queries you may have along the way.

Working On The Tooth

To isolate the damaged tooth and stop infection, our dentists use a rubber dam around it during a root canal treatment. They then use fine instruments to remove the damaged nerve and clean the tooth’s root chamber. The space is then filled with a biocompatible rubber-like material to strengthen it. 

However, after completing the RCT, a crown may be required to fully restore the tooth’s strength, appearance, and function. It is important to note that in some cases, a significant portion of the tooth’s surface may need to be removed.

Cleaning the Tooth

The tooth will be carefully cleansed and disinfected to get rid of any bacteria once the damaged tissue has been removed. This critical phase is necessary to support the long-term efficacy of root canal treatment and to avoid reinfection.


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Our Root Canal Near Lane Cove Uses Rotary Drills

At Macquarie Dentists, we prioritise your comfort and the effectiveness of your root canal treatment. Traditionally, dentists used tiny files to manually clean infected nerves from tooth roots, which could be time-consuming and uncomfortable.

Fortunately, we now use state-of-the-art rotary instruments, which are super-flexible titanium files attached to a special drill. This advanced technology enables us to provide a more precise and efficient root canal cleaning, leading to better outcomes and a higher success rate for your treatment. 

The rotary method removes more of the dead tissue, resulting in a healthier smile, a saved tooth, and potentially less discomfort for you. 

We are committed to delivering the best possible care by using the latest advancements. Our team is fully trained in using rotary instruments and regularly attends seminars to stay up-to-date with this technology.


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Dental Crowns

To restore the strength and functioning of the treated tooth, our dentist could advise placing a dental crown once the root canal procedure is finished. Dental crowns provide added protection and support, enhancing the overall durability and appearance of the tooth while seamlessly blending with your natural smile.


Root Canal Pain Relief

It’s not uncommon to experience some discomfort after a root canal procedure, but rest assured that it’s usually mild and can be managed effectively. To ensure a speedy recovery, our dentist will offer you comprehensive advice on how to handle any pain or discomfort you may feel as well as thorough post-operative care recommendations.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Will A Root Canal Hurt?

You shouldn’t experience any discomfort during the treatment since a local anaesthetic is used to numb the region surrounding the tooth. After the local anaesthesia wears off, you might experience some slight discomfort.

2. What Happens After A Root Canal Treatment?

After the procedure, you can feel a little sensitive or uncomfortable. You will receive detailed instructions on pain management and post-operative care from our dentist.

3. Will I Need A Crown After A Root Canal?

Not always, but in many cases a crown is recommended following a root canal. The procedure weakens the tooth structure, and a crown helps to restore strength and prevent future fractures.

4. How Long Do Root Canals Last?

The tooth that has undergone a root canal may last for many years, even a lifetime, provided it is properly cared for. Maintaining proper oral hygiene, which includes brushing, flossing, and making regular dental appointments, will extend the life of the restored tooth.

5. Can I Eat Normally After A Root Canal?

It’s best to avoid chewing on hard or sticky foods immediately following a root canal. Our dentist will advise you on dietary restrictions during the healing period. After the permanent restoration has been placed, you may usually go back to your normal diet.

6. What If I’m Nervous About Getting A Root Canal?

At Macquarie Dentists, we are aware that getting dental work done can be nerve-wracking. We provide a comfortable and relaxing environment, and our staff is gentle and caring. Throughout the process, we will talk about your worries and address any questions you might have in order to make you feel comfortable.

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