do I have to have metal braces?

Many people would like straighter teeth but don’t want ‘railway track’ metal braces on their teeth for a few years. Modern dentistry offers many orthodontics techniques to straighten teeth that can be quite quick to correct minor tooth misplacements and macquarieDentists offers several of these techniques, especially focussed on straightening adult teeth as well as children’s teeth.

macquarieDentists also refer to several specialist orthodontists for those cases that require different or more complex techniques.

orthodontics is the science of straightening teeth

Before any teeth straightening is considered, a comprehensive examination is required to determine the method most appropriate for you or your child’s needs.

macquarieDentist offers the following techniques to straighten teeth :

  • Invisalign.
  • Insignia braces
  • Inman aligner

Invisalign – Clearly a patient favourite

While everyone wants a straight smile, many people who require orthodontics treatment are put off by the thought of unsightly metal braces and the effect they can have socially and professionally.

This has led to Invisalign® becoming the preferred orthodontics treatment of choice for patients at macquarieDentists and Dr Luca Pomare has completed a Post-Graduate Diploma in Digital Orthodontics to enhance his skills further.

Invisalign® treatment comprises of a series of tight fitting clear aligners that incrementally reposition your teeth. Each set of aligners are replaced every two weeks until your final result of a straight smile is achieved.

Invisalign® aligners are created from detailed impression moulds of your teeth and gums. Using advanced 3-D imaging software, macquarieDentists can outline your treatment progress and final teeth position on screen before you begin.

When you first start treatment, it can take a little getting used to wearing your aligners. Once they feel familiar, they’re so comfortable you’ll forget you’re even wearing them.

Unlike fixed braces, Invisalign® aligners can easily be removed so you can eat all your favourite foods as well as brush and floss thoroughly. Additionally, being clear means people won’t know you’re wearing them.

While most patients are suitable for Invisalign®, some people may require more intensive orthodontics treatment to correct jaw as well as tooth alignment.

To discover how Invisalign® can give you the straight smile you’ve always wanted without compromising on your appearance, schedule an assessment appointment with macquarieDentists.

Insignia Braces

Insignia customised digital braces are completely custom-built to move your teeth efficiently. An impression or scan of your teeth is used to generate a 3D image of your teeth and to devise and prescribe a tailored orthodontic treatment plan to get your teeth in the correct alignment. From here customised brackets and wires are made to suit your individual tooth shape allowing treatment outcomes to both quicker and more predictable.

Dr Luca Pomare is a registered Insignia provider and has studied this revolutionary system in detail during his Post-Graduate Diploma in Digital Orthodontics.

Inman Aligner

The Inman Aligner is a cost-effective removable orthodontics appliance that moves teeth in a fraction of the time of other systems. It aligns crowded or protruding anterior teeth with two opposing spring loaded aligner bars. This provides gentle but continuous pressure over a large range of movement. Surprisingly, this gentle pressure is the quickest way to move teeth but it also makes treatment very safe and kind to teeth.

People love the speed of treatment and it’s changing the face of dentistry as we know it. The average treatment time is only 6-16 weeks and now with concerns over the economy it’s a more justifiable expense.

Only certified Inman Aligner dentists can provide them. Dr Joanne Davies of macquarieDentists has achieved this certification and provides Inman Aligners, in Macquarie Park and surrounds.