Amalgam Removal

the safe removal and replacement of amalgam fillings

For many people, their smile is spoilt by the unsightly appearance of amalgam fillings. That’s why they choose macquarieDentists to replace them with tooth-coloured ceramic or composite resin restorations.

Removing an amalgam filling is a simple and pain-free procedure. Before commencing any treatment the macquarieDentists team will discuss the process with you as each filling is different.

Just like receiving any other filling, the area around the tooth is numbed with a local anaesthetic, ensuring you are completely comfortable.

macquarieDentists may place a piece of rectangle shaped rubber called as a dam to isolate the tooth.  This will keep the area clean and prevent any debris falling into other parts of your mouth during removal.

After the safe removal of your amalgam filling, your tooth is restored with a new tooth-coloured ceramic or composite resin filling, rejuvenating your smile and boosting your confidence.

If you have an amalgam filling and would like to discuss the option of replacing it with a tooth-coloured alternative, schedule a check-up appointment with the macquarieDentists team.