Emergency Appointments – Pain and Problems

Whilst we always encourage all patients to have a comprehensive examination, we understand that sometimes pain and problems need to be dealt with first.

macquarieDentists allow time every day to see new and existing patients who have pain, problems or concerns.

If a patient has a particular problem or concern, such as toothache, swelling or a broken tooth, our friendly front office staff will first discuss their particular concern. They may ask several questions to help determine the cause and nature of the problem, so some time may be needed to fully understand a patient’s problem. This helps our staff to advise the appointment most suitable to deal with the issue and allows our dentists time to provide the best help possible.

Usually our dentists will need to have an initial consultation to assess the situation and advise of any treatment options, their pros, cons and costs. It is unlikely that permanent treatment will done at this visit, but every endeavour will be made to ensure comfort and relief of pain. Think of it like calling the NRMA! We’ll get you up and running again, but there may still be more work needed.

The initial consultation will involve an examination of the area of concern and most likely an x-ray will also be required. This appointment may be of 15 to 45 minutes duration, and as mentioned, depending on the problem, a temporary solution may also be provided to relieve pain and ensure comfort.

At the conclusion of the consultation, a full explanation of the problem and treatment options, their pros, cons and costs,will be provided.
Once this particular problem is resolved we encourage all patients to return to macquarieDentists for a comprehensive examination and assessment of their overall oral health. This is the best way to ensure our patient’s are treated as a whole, helping them to adopt preventive care measures and achieve optimal oral health, and not just focus on problems.