Cracked and Broken Teeth

many people have cracked teeth and don’t know it!

These cracks may develop for various reasons including having large fillings in teeth or grinding teeth, and often cause no pain until very advanced. Occasionally though, pain on biting or some sensitivity to cold may be experienced,.  If cracks are left untreated, they can deepen and lead to a tooth breaking, nerve damage and pain or root splitting, causing the tooth to be lost.

macquarieDentists always examines your teeth for cracks and lets you know if any are present and what risk they may pose to you.

Teeth break for several reasons but usually due to cracks in teeth or because a tooth has a large filling, causing the remaining tooth structure to be weak.

Depending on the severity of a cracked or broken tooth, many options are available to treat these common problems, and macquarieDentists will always discuss all the possible treatment options, their pros, cons and costs, so you can choose the most appropriate for your needs.