Comprehensive Dentist Appointment

Taking a Closer Look

A Comprehensive Examination at macquarieDentists is the best way to achieve and maintain good oral health. All new patients to macquarieDentists have this examination as it allows our team to get to know our patients, not just their mouths and teeth! Ultimately, this helps us tailor treatment and preventive care to an individual’s needs, budget and wishes.

The examination is more than a quick check up. It is a thorough examination of teeth, gums, soft tissues, muscles and structures surrounding the mouth and allows time for any concerns, needs and expectations to be listened to and discussed.

  • The examination will include:
  • Inspection of your teeth looking for decay, cracks, faulty restorations and wear
  • Gum health analysis
  • Examination of your bite to assess whether the way you bite is damaging your teeth, causing pain in your head & neck or other problems
  • X-rays and photographs of teeth
  • Full recording of your details on our computerized charting system.

This allows our dentists to really detect any issues impacting on good oral health or effecting treatment outcomes. It is important that these issues are fully understood by patients, especially as often many dental issues are silent, not causing any problem or pain until they are quite advanced. Therefore, much time may be spent discussing issues, treatment options, their pros, cons and costs, and usually no treatment will commence on this visit.

At the conclusion of the examination, comprehensive information about any issues, treatment options, fees and timing will be provided, usually including a printed quote.

If you have never had a comprehensive examination or it’s been a while since your last saw us at macquarieDentists, call one of our friendly team members and schedule an appointment!