Preventive Dentistry

preventive dentistry

a trip to the dentist with no drilling is the best one to have!

At macquarieDentists we make this a reality for our patients by helping them to achieve a healthy mouth through preventive dentistry!

There are many forms of preventive dentistry our team offer patients to promote optimal oral health such as:

We dedicate time getting to know our patients, assessing their mouths as a whole and not just focusing on problems. We also take our time to educate them in preventive dentistry. This is to prevent dental problems from occurring.

We spend a lot of time assessing all areas that impact on oral health such as:

  • oral care habits and techniques
  • medical issues
  • diet
  • exercise
  • lifestyle

This allows us to really understand the individual issues of each patient and tailor our oral health education to their specific needs. We will then advise them of the best oral hygiene methods and tools they need to use at home to achieve optimal oral health.

check out our video on preventive dentistry below

6 monthly appointments are the key

We generally like to arrange our patients examination and cleaning appointments 6 months in advance. This helps them to keep up-to-date with their oral care and not let time and a busy life get in the way. It also gives us an opportunity to regularly ‘touch base’ with our patients to see if they are managing their oral care routine correctly. This is important for maintaining optimal long term oral health.

It’s the perfect combination of regular professional care and great personal habits that are essential to preventing decay, gum disease, gingivitis, periodontitis, and other dental disorders.

our AM Active Maintenance programme helps maintain a healthy mouth between visits

Preventive Dentistry

We have a dedicated Oral Health Therapist as part of our team who helps to run our AM Active Maintenance programme. She has been with us for several years and has recently completed her Bachelor of Oral Health. As she is highly qualified in oral health she particularly focuses on education and oral health care through preventive dentistry. She is also able to treat children and adults (to the age of 25) for simple fillings and other routine dental treatments.

Another advantage of our AM Active Maintenance programme is that it allows our dentists to detect any issues early and whilst they are still small. This means that both treatment and fees can also be smaller, and that hopefully our patients never have any nasty toothaches or surprises that may be both painful and expensive.

We like to think of ourselves as ‘coaches’ for the mouth! We’ll always help and encourage our patients to keep up their great oral care habits. We all need a pat on the back or a little push from time to time!

healthy mouth, happy body

Many people are unaware that the bacteria associated with dental diseases can also affect many other areas of the body. Links with various conditions and diseases can include various cardiac conditions, early onset diabetes and low-weight babies at birth. Through preventive dentistry a healthy mouth aids in maintaining a healthy body. So when we look after our mouth, we’re also looking after our overall health.

oral cancer screening

By being a part of our AM active maintenance programme and attending regular examinations, our patients have the benefit of having regular oral cancer screening. This is an important tool in the early detection of this terrible disease.

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