What to Look For in a Family Dentist

What to Look For in a Family Dentist

Are you looking for a dentist who can protect the oral health of your whole family? The right family dentist can look after the teeth of both adults and children, letting every member of the family enjoy good dental health. Here are five things to check for when looking for high-quality family dentistry in your local area.

  1. Experience in providing family dentistry

The best family dentists have years of experience in caring for children and adults. Check the website of the dentist or ask about their experience to find out whether they have the track record you expect. Children’s dental needs can be quite different from those of adults, so check that the dentist has some experience with providing dentistry to all members of the family. A practice with an Oral Health therapist is a good idea too, as one of the specific things they are trained inis treating children

  1. Flexible office hours

Missing work or taking your child out of school for a dental appointment can be a major inconvenience. Look for a family dental practice that offers flexibility in appointment times to help fit around your busy life. We try to meet your needs if at all possible.

  1. A welcoming environment

Dental checkups can be scary for children. Minimise their fear by choosing a dental office that has a welcoming environment and a comfortable, child-friendly waiting area. Most family dentists provide toys or books to keep children entertained while they wait to see the dentist. We have lots J !

  1. Recommendations from other families

The best family dentists receive good reviews from their patients. Search online for reviews of the dentists in your area or ask other parents for recommendations. Learning about other patients’ experiences can help you decide whether a dentist is right for your family.

We welcome families into our practice and really spend time with children just letting them get used to us and the ‘scarey’ things we have. They get to push all the buttons on the chair, squirt our water sprayer and even use the drill! We really help them have a fun time with us, and at the same time teach them all about their mouth and how to look after it. They love it when we paint their mouth purple to show them the dirt on their teeth!

We look forward to assisting you and your family with your dental needs. Call our friendly reception staff today to book an appointment.