What is Your Favourite Music?

This may seem a strange question for your dentist to ask but it’s not as strange as you may think!

Improving the dental experience for all patients is key to the gentle dental ethos at macquarieDentists.

choosing your own music is just one of the ways we provide a pleasant, gentle dental experience.

From treating many patients over the years, we have found that music can play a big role in helping make dental treatment pleasant.

It is a form of diversion therapy and it works. If you are listening to music that you love, then often you are able to focus on the music and not think about what treatment you may be having.

Many patients leave our appointments commenting on how much they enjoyed the music they heard, with no care at all about what the actual treatment was. Really, it becomes quite a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

We use noise cancelling headphones for those who wish to have them, or we just have music in the background. We always try to choose music that we feel our patients will relate to, but until we get to know you, that can be hard for us to guess.

So we have created the form below for you to fill in before your appointment with us, so that we can tailor our music to your taste, whatever that may be. Alternatively, bring along your phone or device with your music on it, and we can use that to play your music.

we think of other little touches too, to help give our patients a relaxing time

  • A rug if you like
  • Lip balm to stop getting dry and sore lips
  • Regular breaks for a rinse or breather
  • Dark glasses to shield the light in your eyes and protect them
  • Time to chat and help you relax
  • No rushed treatment
  • TLC calls the day after treatment to see how you are getting on
  • Laughing gas or sedation for those who would like to feel a little more removed from what’s going on

We’d like to think of all our patients as VIP’s (very important patients) and make you feel like you’re in first class and have control over what is going on

tell us what you would like for your next appointment

You control your gentle dental experience. Complete the form and tell us what you would like.

Do you have any other suggestions which would make a visit to the dentist more enjoyable for you?
We’d love to hear them, so let us know on the form


Online Form – What is your Favourite Music?

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You control your dental experience. Tell us what you would like for your next appointment.

Do you want to listen to music during your treatment? yesno

It’s your choice – rock? 80’s pop? Hip hop? Classical? We will play whatever you like.
What’s your favourite type of music?

Do you want to bring your own music? yesno

Do you hate the sound of the drill? yesno

You don’t need to listen to it.

Would you like noise cancelling headphones?yesno

Would you like to share your music taste with us and play it on the speaker? yesno

Would you like a blanket? yesno

Do you want to have regular breaks, to sit up and have a breather during your treatment?

Some of our patients fall asleep during treatments. Feel free to put your feet up and catch up on some sleep.

Would you like lip balm before during and after treatment to stop that dried out feeling?

Our patients tell is laughing gas makes the time fly and is as much fun as having a few drinks with friends.

Would you like to try it? yesno

Do you hate thinking about how much your dental treatments will cost? yesno

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