macquarieDentists is located in the Macquarie business district of North Ryde, close to Macquarie shopping centre. We are open 9am to 5.30pm monday to friday but gladly arrange appointments during lunchtime and after hours.

Please talk to our friendly reception staff about an out of hours appointment to meet your needs.

Our address is
78 Waterloo Rd,
Shop 2 (on corner of Byfield Street)
Macquarie Park NSW 2113
entry is on Byfield Street)


macquarieDentists is conveniently centrally located in the business district making it an easy walk from many of the offices within the area, such as Optus, Johnson and Johnson and Astra Zeneca to name a few.

It is also close to both rail and bus links and approximately a 3 minute walk from Macquarie University station and Macquarie shopping centre, on the corner of Herring Road and Waterloo Rd.


  • FREE parking is available on site
    • enter the driveway off Byfield Street.
    • proceed up the ramp to the boom gate.
    • press the triangle arrows to find ‘Macquarie Dentists’ or pin in ‘105’ then press the phone button
    • our reception staff will open the boom gate for you
    • proceed up the ramp to one of the 2 spaces at the top on the right
  • 3 hours free parking is available in Macquarie shopping centre, just across Waterloo Road and approximately a 3 minute walk away
  • Street parking is most easily found in nearby Cottonwood crescent.
  • 12 hour meter parking operates directly outside the premises but may be unreliable to find a space