Oral Hygiene

Brushing away the need for dental treatment

Oral Hygiene is the practice of keeping the mouth clean by removing the harmful bacteria, or plaque, that causes dental diseases. It consists of both professional and personal care and is essential in maintaining a healthy mouth and preventing decay (dental caries), gum disease, or gingivitis and periodontitis and other dental disorders.

macquarieDentists stains the dirt or bacteria on your child’s teeth with a harmless dye so they can really see what the dirt looks like. We then show them the most effective brushing, flossing or other techniques designed for their individual needs, and each time we see them we review how they are managing and help them improve.

Best of all, we try to make it fun and take the pressure off Mum and Dad to nag them to clean their teeth! If they know and use the correct technique to clean their teeth, this is half the battle to achieving and maintaining a healthy mouth and preventing dental problems in the future.