Our Oral Health Therapist

our ‘coach’ for oral health and general wellbeing

Pamela Casamento


Pamela has worked with Macquarie dentists as a casual dental assistant for the past 7 years, and over the past three years has completed her Bachelor of Oral Health degree. She graduated from the School of Dentistry and Health Sciences, Charles Sturt University, in Wagga Wagga in 2014.

As an Oral Health Therapist, Pam works with patients of all ages, focusing on oral health education, treatment and maintenance. She works on addressing factors associated with causing dental decay and gum and jaw bone (or periodontal) disease. She helps her patients to understand these factors and the damaging effects they have. Many of these factors and their effects are silent, and may impact our overall health, contributing to the development of some systemic problems such as cardiac issues and early onset diabetes. Her role therefore, plays a vital part in helping to treat or prevent oral health issues and aid overall health and wellbeing. She’s our ‘coach’ for oral health to help keep our patients on track!

Her Bachelor of Oral Health degree enables her to see patients for cleans, periodontal (or gum and bone) treatment and provide oral hygiene advice to patients of any age. Pam assists our dentists in helping to run and maintain our AM Active maintenance program, helping our patients achieve and maintain healthy mouths.

As a therapist, Pam is also qualified to see children and adults (up to the age of 25 years of age) for check-ups, xrays, fillings, removal of baby teeth and most aspects of Preventative and Children’s Dentistry.

Pam is passionate about oral health care and it is her desire to provide this essential service to her patients in a gentle, thorough and caring manner.

Away from the surgery Pam enjoys keeping fit, reading, listening to music and socialising.