Why Choose Us?

gentle dental care is our priority at macquarieDentists

We welcome nervous patients and take time to understand your fears. We can then gently manage your treatment to suit your needs.

gentle dentalWe think of the small things to make your appointment surprisingly comfortable …music of your choice, lip balm and a rug all help you relax in our care.

pain free treatment

We discuss the best ways to help patients manage their treatment to help make it pain free. ‘Laughing gas’ is available to help patients relax and if appropriate, patients may be put to sleep for treatment. If an injection is required, we ensure it is pain free by using a slow gentle approach.

convenient location and flexible appointment times

  • just a short walk from many offices,Macquarie Shopping Centre and transport links
  • lunchtime and before or after hours appointments available
  • free parking on site
  • emergency appointments every day
  • online booking service available at any time of day or night

a gentle dental experience

Nervous patients are welcomed. We take time to understood any fears or concerns to help us manage treatment.

Our dentists take a gentle approach to treatment and always ensure nothing can be felt before treatment commences

We think of the small things…music of your choice, lip balm and a rug all help make any appointment that much more comfortable.

experienced & caring

Whilst our business continues to grow and change, many of our friendly team have been together for over 15 years. We are a ‘family’ and treat our patients like we would want to be treated.

Our gentle dentists are Australian graduates and liaise with highly experienced specialists. As a team, we regularly attend seminars and training to help us offer our patients the best possible care.

We take our time to do things right the first time…..no short cuts or quick fixes, only quality treatment.

peace of mind

If you’re happy, we’re happy ! We always strive to offer excellent customer service at all levels and exceed your expectations

Gentle Dental

  • we listen to, and take time to understand, your dental problems & needs, whatever they may be
  • our AM (active maintenance) programme takes the stress away from our patients remembering to fit their oral care appointments into their busy life.
  • we make active maintenance visits 6 months in advance so then it’s our job to remind our patients about them…no more remembering to call us! They can let that bit of stress in life go!
  • We practice up to the minute sterilisation protocols to ensure complete safety for all

modern technology

  • fully computerised front desk and surgeries means greater efficiency from start to finish
  • fast digital xrays help rapid diagnosis and pain management
  • state of the art drills reduce drilling time
  • cameras for the mouth allow our dentists to show our patients what’s going on in their mouth. A picture speaks a thousand words!
  • all modern dental materials used from plastic resins to the strongest ceramics
  • ‘HICAPS’ payments allow our patients to receive instant benefits from their health funds

simple smile improvements

  • easy teeth whitening with our in house ZOOM whitening, done in one appointment, or with one of our simple take home whitening kits.
  • improve discoloured, gappy & crooked teeth using resin bonding with minimal damage to teeth and no injections or pain
  • state of the art porcelain veneers made by our expert ceramist gives a new lease of life to teeth
  • replace old metal fillings with new white resin or ceramic ones simply, affordably and quickly
  • our in house orthodontics means, in some instances, teeth can be straightened without going to see an orthodontist, saving time and money
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